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Grooming Supplies

  • Booster Bath :
    This is great for outdoor bathing with the hose. I prefer to use this on my adults dogs when the weather is nice enough.

  • Grooming Table

  • High-Velocity Pet Dryer
    This is a good basic pet dryer for pet grooming. Not high powered enough that I'd suggest it for regular show use but works well enough for home use.

  • High Velocity Show Dryer :
    I love the K9 dryers for show use. They are spendier but worth their weight in gold for multiple dogs or show use. I have the K9 III variable dryer, but the K9 II is enough for someone with one dog and is less bulky for traveling to shows with. This links you to Total K9 Connection. I love buying from this vendor for grooming supplies. She is lovely and located in Idaho. She comes to most local AKC shows.

  • Undercoat Rake :
    Great for getting out excess undercoat when blowing coat.

  • Pin Brush :
    Good for daily body brushing.

  • Greyhound Comb :
    You'll use this more than any other comb/brush. Perfect for linebrushing and combing out the undercoat. I use a greyhound comb more than anything else in my grooming kit.

  • Bathing Gloves :
    These are great for bathing double coated dogs and getting the shampoo down to the skin. Also helps get loose coat out during bathing.

  • Diamond Dremel :
    I personally prefer to use a dremel for my dog's nails. It rounds out the nail edges more than clippers can. The diamond dremel head should never need to be replaced.

  • Nail Clippers

  • Tub Suction Cup
    Game changer for bathing in a tub. Combined with a grooming loop it holds the dog in place so you can focus on bathing.  

  • Grooming Loop :
    For use in tub or on the grooming table.

  • Kwik-Stop :
    Good to have on hand to stop bleeding quickly if you nick a nail too short.

  • Tub Shroom :
    Game changer for preventing hair from clogging your tub drain.

  • Shampoo Hose Attachment
    I use this on my hose when bathing outside. It helps dilute the shampoo and makes bathing almost hands free.

  • #1 All Systems Super Cleaning and Conditioning Shampoo :
    I like this shampoo for in between shows. Has a great scent and helps the coat stay healthy and hold good texture.

  • #1 All Systems Crisp Coat Botanical Texturizing and De-Toxifying Shampoo :
    ​This is the shampoo I use when showing my dogs. 

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This page may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

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