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  • Puppy Show collar/leash combo :
    I love this combo for puppies. It rolls up nicely in my hand and is adjustable for a growing puppy.

  • Mes Amis :
    I love these collars and leashes. Lots of very pretty colors. They are super soft and I can roll up a full 6 foot leash in my hand. They are less likely to break coat then other collars. I use the .5 width and like the kennel combo, limited-slip collar, and 6 foot leash for my dogs. 

  • 2M Leashes :
    Durable handmade braided nylon leashes. I have several of these. They last years and are super durable. I love the slip and clip, good for with or without a collar.

  • NoxGear Lightup Harness :
    With all the coat that Aussies have a regular lightup collar just disappears. These are very visible when it's dark and you can change the light color. Great for dark off leash play with multiple dogs because you can see who is who out in the field or just for safety on a dark neighborhood walk. For reference, both Echo and Capri wear a size Large and it would still adjust to fit a larger or smaller dog.

  • Hurtta Rain Blocker, Dog Raincoat :
    I love these for rainy PNW hikes when I don't want to fully bathe my dogs afterwards. They've held up very well for me so far and keep dirt and burrs off of the dogs. Be sure to measure your dog accurately. Length of back is the most important measurement. Echo wears a 22 and Capri wears a 20.

  • Hurtta Weekend Warrior Dog Harness :
    I do not use a harness for leash training but for hikes or dragging a long line I like these harnesses. They only have a back attachment and don't put pressure on the shoulder, allowing full range of motion.

  • WearWuf! Water Wicker :
    This is the best bathrobe I've found on the market. I like that it has lots of underchest coverage and the neckpiece is doubled up which pulls a lot of water from the coat. I love these for after dock diving or swimming. I throw them on the dogs before putting them in their crates for the drive home. Also great for those days that you're not feeling like thoroughly blow drying.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This page may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

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