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Training/Exercise Toys

By far one of the easiest ways to exercise my dogs. You don't need as much space as you need for playing ball and my dogs tend to actually get more winded from a flirt pole session then they ever do from fetch.

I love these balls! They're great for playing fetch and introducing dogs to the game. Very lightweight and have a lot of bounce which my dogs LOVE. Not for playing in the water or chewing.

Tug Toys - 

I love tug for building relationship and use the game as a reward when training. I do not leave tugs laying around. These are toys they ONLY have access to when they're playing with me. This makes the game more exciting and the dogs will just destroy them if I left them around. I avoid rope as it can cause issues and even a blockage if consumed.

Clean Run also has an abundance of tug toys! I highly encourage checking them out!

Throwing/Fetch Toys - 

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